Jungle Book????

The Mowgli’s

The Mowgli’s are an indie, gospel, folk, love-rock group compiled of 7 members. 

  • Dave Appelbaum – keyboards and vocals
  • Colin Louis Dieden – vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Katie Jayne Earl – vocals and percussion
  • Josh Hogan – guitar and vocals
  • Matthew Di Panni- bass guitar and vocals
  • Spencer Trent – percussion, guitar, melodica, and vocals
  • Andy Warren – drums, percussion, and vocals

The name of the band originated from a past band member’s dog who was named after the character from Rudyard Kipling’s novel The Jungle Book.  The band was created with an intention to help change the world for the greater good by spreading the message of joy and love that is embedded in their music. They also collectively agree that the true voice of the music can only be heard when all members are singing and the audience. They descrive themselves as musicians who blend the retro-folk indie music and quirky indie pop together. The band was established in 2010 in Las Angeles, California. Trying to blend multiple types of music together they have released the following albums: 

  • Sound the Drum (2012)
  • Love’s Not Dead (2012- 2013)
  • Waiting for the Dawn (2013)



The Oldie Façade

Bronze Radio Return

Bronze Radio Return is a rock band composed of 6 members who met in Hartford, where members orbited each other at The Hartt School, one of the country’s top music conservatories. After finding each other and solidifying their line-up in 2008, they began writing music and found that their surroundings played a huge part in their creative energies. For each album they travel to many locations claiming that the creative energies flow better when they are in a unique environment. Some of the atmosphere of where they traveled is obvious in their albums, for instance for their album Shake! Shake! Shake! they traveled to their producer’s home town Norman, Oklahoma. In the album the Midwestern neighborliness and kindness shined through on the album – drenching it in harmony, warmth, and soul, the songs were made to make people come together. Sing-alongs, foot stomps, hand claps, were all used in this album and others to get at the root of American music. Though the band eludes at their rock genre, they better classify as an indie folk band, despite their grand use of drums and beats. Bellow is a picture of the six men: Chris Henderson, Rob Griffith (drums), Bob Tanen (bass) and Matt Warner (organ/keyboards/samples) help complete the line-up with Patrick (Packy) Fetkowitz (Lead Guitar) and Craig Struble (Harmonica, Banjo). 


METRIC is a group of 4: Emily Haines (lead vocals, synthesizers, guitar, tambourine, harmonica, piano), Jimmy Shaw (guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals), Joshua Winstead (bass, synthesizers, backing vocals) and Joules Scott Key (drums, percussion), an independent rock and roll band empowered by their innovative approach to the music business. The group originated in 1998 as a Canadian Rock band as a duo with Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw under the name Mainstream but changed to METRIC after their first album. Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott Key joined the band in 2001. METRIC is a band that falls under the genre Indie Pop and Synthetica Pop, that thrives on guitar and drove solos with a headbanger beat. Here is a list of their albums:

  1. Grow up and Blow Away (2001-2002)
  2. Old World Underground, Where Are You Know? (2003-2004)
  3. Grow Up and Blow Away (2005-2007)
  4. Fantasies (2008-2011)
  5. Synthetica and Cosmopolis (2012-present)

METRIC hjas won many awards including Alterative Album of the Year for Fantasies at the 2010 Juno Awards. Synthetica, won Alternative Album of the year in 2013 at the Juno Awards and James Shaw won Producer of the Year.



Indie Music

Independent music (often shortened to indie music or indie) is music produced independently from any major commercial record labels, a process that may include a do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing. The term indie is often used to describe a genre (such as indie rock, indie metal or indie pop). As a genre term, “indie” may include music that is not independently produced, but rather describe groups or artists that do not fall into a single, defined musical genre and usually create music that can be categorized into multiple different genres. A person who loves this music and avoids all mainstream ideas and ways of life is known as a hipster. Most of the bands that I have posted about here are classified as indie music. Now i want to know y’all’s opinon. What do y’all prefer? Independent music or Mainstream?


Gust of Music


Guster is a group of 4 men established in 1991 in Boston Massachusetts. The trio met at the Tufts University as freshman during an orientation camp and began playing in small venues and coffee shops under the name Gus. Strictly sticking to drums in their first albums, they struck gold with their third album, released in 1999, Long and Gone Forever. They combined each of their talents and created music that qualifies as alternative folk rock. This album became known as their breakthrough album because it broke their trend of bongos, vocals, and folk pop writing by adding in lush horns and strings which made them stand out from the other indie folk bands. Guster returned in 2006 with their richest album to date Ganging up on the Sun, which is my favorite and most listened to album. Here is a chronological order of their albums. 

  • Goldfly (1997)
  • Lost and Gone Forever (1991)
  • Keep it together (2003)
  • Guster’s Meow Mix  – which was released in 2003 to protest against illegal music downloads and replaced most vocals with cat meows!
  • Guster on Ice (2004)
  • Ganging up on the Sun (2006)
  • Easy Wonderful (2010)


The Couple


These sweethearts are the perfect pair as hey travel the world as the crazy people they are. Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino met at Pratt Institute, a school of art and design. The two, intrigued by each other began to date and ended up living together. They first began their band in 2006 in Brooklyn with the album Matt & Kim, then Grand (2009), Sidewalks (2010-2011), and Lightning (2012). The couple has come a long way since their poor college days and will measure themselves as successful when they are fully able to afford health insurance. In the beginning the two cut down their expenses by sharing a twin bed, a cell phone, car, and many more items to try and make life cheaper. Despite these hardships, the two are absolutely happy. One can tell from images from any concert as well as each video. Their enthusiastic persona puts them under the illusion that they have not a care in the world. This attitude goes together perfectly with the upbeat summer hits they put on. Their music is catchy, vibrant and contains just two voices, drums and keyboards. The duo is big on stage antics, some of which can be seen in the images and videos below! 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O56wRD5EP0 – Block After Block Video 



A Modern King

King Charles

King Charles is a 29 year old musician, who was classically trained in west London. he has the musical capability of playing the guitar, piano and cello, many of which he uses in his songs. In 2009 King Charles entered the International Songwriting Contest at age 17 for his song titled Love Lust. He marked history this day, becoming the first Brit to win this competition. After winning this competition, he signed with Universal Republic and released his freshman album, Loveblood, in May of 2012. As of today he has many top hits and stands at position 36 in the UK. His music is described as catchy, fast-paced summer anthems for energized teenagers. Some of is songs fall under the theme of Caribbean afro-punk indie-pop-folk full of love lyrics. My personal favorite is Lady Percy and Mississippi Isabelle which are among his top hits. king Charles is describe as a unique being who doesn’t look, sound or think like any other musician before him. As you can see for yourself, he loves cloth and mixes his textures, he has thick and long facial hair as well as the messy bun he wears often. 




Always a Wild Child

Wild Child

As a small 8 year old, my mom used to call me ‘wild child’ due to the amount of energy, and lack of care I had more than 8 years ago. A friend of mine recommended a band called Wild Child to me while we were on a trip together. She informed me that her brother was the drummer, and i was immediately intrigued. I began listening to their top hits and found out they had 2 albums their freshman album is titled Pillow Talk, released in 2011 and still holding popular hits 3 years later. Their sophomore album is called The Runaround, released in 2013. The group provides mellow tunes with unique instruments like the violin, ukulele, cello, piano, bass, banjo, and horns. Articles have described the band as an Indie folk powerhouse who uses lyrics and unique instruments in a way modern groups would not be able to accomplish.  The band consists of main vocalists Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins,drummer Drew Brunetti, cellist Sadie Wolfe, keyboardist Evan Magers and bassist Chris D’Annunzio. Together the group of 7 claims the name Wild Child who holds the 2014 Best Indie Band by SXSW. 



The Weekend Band

Quiet Company

Quiet Company is a band established in 2000 in Austin, Texas. There are five members:

  • Taylor Muse – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, baritone guitar, piano, drums, glockenspiel, harmonica, synthesizers, electric piano, trumpet, banjo, percussion, and organ.
  • Thomas Blank – acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano, singing, piano, glockenspiel, melodica, and organ.
  • Matthew Parmenter – bass, singing, piano, banjo, percussion, stylophone, and organ.
  • Bill Gryta – keyboards, synthesizers, vocals
  • Evan Smoker – drums, percussion, hugs

The band writes songs that are classified as indie pop, indie rock, and piano rock. I call this group the weekend band because they have a wide variety of songs that vary in instruments. On weekends people often want upbeat music with strong beats, but sometimes one may crave music that is more mellow and that provides good background to their low key weekend activities.  Their most recent album came out on May 6th, earlier this month! Though this new album titled Other People’s Hits only contains 6 tracks it is a strong one that fits most peoples need for a weekend mix!

Evan Smoker (Far Left), Taylor Muse (Second from Left), Matthew Parmenter (Second from Right), Thomas Blank (Far Left)

The Wonderfull Wombats

Today’s band is The Wombats!

I discovered this band around February earlier this year. The group is composed of native Liverpudlians Matthew Murphy (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Daniel (Dan) Haggis (drums, percussion, keyboard and backing vocals), alongside Norwegian-born Tord Overland Knudsen (bass guitar, guitar, keyboard and backing vocals). The band’s music is described as being dark, yet exuberant and infectious, alternative pop tunes, with a depth and confessional slant that is rare in modern pop songwriting. My personal favorite song of theirs is Techno Fan EP. This song though release in 2011 holds its own and is able to put anyone in a good mood, ready to dance! The Wombat’s number one song is Let’s Dance to Joy Division, an upbeat tune that is close to a rock headbanger. Overall the band is able to provide concrete lyrics that summarize a young adult’s good days!


Tord Overland (Left), Matthew Murphy (Center), and Daniel Haggis (Right)